Family Values Are Virginia Values

Family values are Virginia values. Who could argue with that? The problem with the language of "pro-life" and "pro-choice," though, is that we've turned a very important issue into a political hot potato.

If I were a more cynical man, I'd say the politicians in charge of the General Assembly like it that way, since any real change on this issue might lose 'em a reliable voting bloc. Seems like they'd much rather grab attention with a "Day of Tears" than actually work to fix things!

But pointless grandstanding isn't being "pro-life." Neither is declaring an IUD to be "abortion," or forcing women to get unnecessary and invasive medical procedures, like "transvaginal ultrasounds." The government should never be allowed to invade the space between medical professionals and their patients on any issue.

And making abortion illegal? Out of the question. Making abortion illegal only makes safe abortion illegal. But imagine what we could do, as a society, if we really wanted to reduce abortions instead of just shaming women:

We could work to ensure we can provide every family in the Commonwealth with the resources they needed: maternal care, reproductive care, prenatal care, health care, pediatric care, all the while making sure it's affordable care.

And how about maternity leave, where America is practically alone in the developed nations of the world in providing NO guarantee of parental leave?

And how about equal pay for equal work, to support and reward the labor of women on the job? And efforts to make that pay good pay— a livable income, higher minimum wage? Those are family values. Values that respect all life.

Bottom line is, if you want to vote for someone who wants to accomplish things that are actually pro-family and reduce abortions by reducing reasons that people seek them—then I'm the only candidate in our race that will actually work to accomplish that goal.