Here are some of the issues that matter most to me.  This doesn't cover everything, but I hope it gives you a sense of the values I would bring to Richmond.

I'm not really a "party line" guy. That's why I made our campaign's slogan "People before Party"-- it's both a promise to you about how I will represent our district, and a fence to keep me honest in fighting for our district.  Because I've seen too many good men and women of all political stripes become corrupted by the political process, turning into the out-of-touch career politicians they once railed against.

It means that there'll sometimes be issue where you and I will disagree-- I've yet to meet a single person on God's green earth that I agree with a hundred percent.  So I'm not going to lie and tell you we'll agree on everything, or just tell you what you want to hear until Election Day comes and goes.  But I will always-- always--  fight as hard as I can for the folks I represent.  And I will never, ever compromise my values.  

That's my promise to you.