Nurses Take DC 2017

It's all about patient safety! We want to provide the best care possible for the folks we see, and that means fighting for safe and effective nurse to patient ratios!

Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. Nurses, healthcare providers, and the scientific community understand that unsafe nurse-to-patient ratios contribute to increased morbidity and mortality for patients.

Unsafe staffing also creates unhealthy and unsafe environments for nurses to practice, and contributes to nurse burnout. As a result, our community is working to change the current care environment. #NursesTakeDC is a nurse-driven movement to make safe nurse to patient ratios a reality for all nurses in the United States. This year nurses will gather in Washington, DC for a National Rally to raise public awareness regarding the importance of safe nurse-to-patient ratios and to support pending legislation.

The 2017 Rally for Nurse-Patient Ratios , will take place on May 5th 11a-4p at the Capitol Building, in Washington, DC. 

#NursesTakeDC , a grassroots movement led by Show Me Your Stethoscope, is organizing thousands of nurses across the country to rally in Washington DC to demand Safe Nursing-Patient Ratios to save the lives of our patients and the nursing profession. #NursesTakeDC is calling for the passing of the Bill H.R.1602 & S.864 that provides nurse patient ratios.

This is something I intend to tirelessly advocate for on the state level, if we can't get it done on the Federal level.

Will you come?