Keep Public Land Open for Everyone


Here in the 58th District, we're lucky to have some of the most magnificent natural scenery anywhere in the country.  The Appalachian Trail and Shenandoah National Park intersect our district.  You can explore the Hardware River Wildlife Management Area with your kids. There's tubing on the James, swimming at Chris Greene Lake, or wade fishing on the South Fork in Elkton.

I got to have those sorts-of experiences as a kid- and I believed firmly that we have a responsibility to make sure that those same precious resources will still be available for our children and grandchildren.

Unfortunately, there's been a push — mostly at the Federal level — to sell off public land.  Land that's been held in trust for the American people for hundreds of years — land used by recreational users of all kinds, including mountain bikers, hunters, horseback riders, and bird watchers — could be sold off to the highest bidder.  It could be closed off forever to normal folks, like you and I, who just want enjoy Creation and show our kids the beauty of nature.

As your delegate, I'll fight to ensure that public land stays public.  I'll do everything in my power to keep these spaces accessible to all Virginians — to hunt, to hike, to camp, to enjoy with their families.  Even if that means taking the fight to Washington, D.C.  Land lost is land lost forever, and I want our kids and grandkids to have the same opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.