Making sure folks can vote!

I think, much as I do for all of the Constitutional protections we're granted, that voting should be kept as open and available as we can make possible.  Anytime someone suggests a restriction to voting, I tend to get a bit skeptical about their motives-- for instance, I've been challenged on the issue of requiring IDs to vote. It sounds uncontroversial on it's face, until you find out that (as what happened in Wisconsin, for example), laws were simultaneously changed to ensure it would be harder for people to get said IDs to be able to vote.  And when you press these same folks on going above and beyond to make sure people can have access to meet their newfound restrictions ("Are you going to pay for these IDs, and make sure everyone can get them no matter the cost?"), you often find reticence to accomplish that.

That's unacceptable.

Research shows that voter fraud is incredibly rare-- and, when found, generally wouldn't be stopped by laws we have currently in place, or occurs because of laws we currently have in place that legislators aren't willing to address.

I don't see why the Commonwealth can't implement, at the very least, no-excuse-needed in person or absentee voting.  I'm an ER Nurse, and I've been on call for the last two Presidential cycles' election day-- which led me to request an absentee ballot. Each time, however, I wasn't actually called in.  Did I commit electoral fraud by doing so?  Why would we even have that be something that hang over people's heads?  Do our citizens really need an excuse to exercise their Constitutional rights?  

In the General Assembly, I plan to sponsor, co-sponsor, or vote for any legislation that would make our voting more like Oregon's- which, via it's incredibly easy to maintain and inexpensive "vote by mail" system, leads the nation in voter participation levels, while simultaneously having bipartisan admiration for almost non-existent levels of electoral fraud.