Make a Difference

We’ve got one chance to get this thing done- and we need your help to do it!

Listen, we’re going to do something here that I doubt any politician has ever done before. My race won’t be on the ballot until 2021- and I firmly believe that a statewide elected official is only as useful as the people they help elect with them.

My view of leadership has always been this: the true hallmark of success for a leader is if they can train and equip people to succeed. So we appreciate immensely you wanting to step to help us build a people-powered campaign that’ll prove that working class Virginians can run for office at any level- but for now, please, do me a favor: Take half that donation (or more!) and give it to one of these other worthy candidates.

These folks are running in every corner of the Commonwealth, for school board. Board of Supervisors. Town Council. Commonwealth Attorney. House of Delegates. State Senate. Everything from nineteen rural champions for 2019, to the ten races that’ll decide control of the legislature.

And they need your help. Please, stand with me and support these amazing candidates across the Commonwealth, so we can bring progress to Virginia- together!