A Brighter Future for Working Virginia Families.


A Virginia by and for everyday people.


A Commonwealth that Works for Everyone

If you’re like me, you’re sick and tired of people who want a “one size fits all” Virginia, instead of a Virginia that works for everyone. But that’s exactly what we’re going to stand up and build.

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Healthy Virginia Families

I'm an ER Nurse, and there's no cause more important to me than helping Virginians lead healthy lives, so every single one of us can have the freedom to pursue our own version of the American dream.

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Helping Our Kids Achieve Their Potential

“The children are the future” may be cliche, but it’s just as true as it’s always been— because when we set up our kids to succeed, we ALL succeed. And they deserve our best effort to make that happen.

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Ready Today for Tomorrow’s Challenges

We can’t punt on preparing the Commonwealth for the tough decisions and situations that we have on the horizon. We need to find the fortitude to work together now, so we can be ready when the time comes.

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Powering success
in every zip code.

We’re going to build a Commonwealth where wealth is truly common; an environment that will enable Virginians not just to survive, but thrive, whether they’re from Winchester or Williamsburg, Gainesville or Galax, Alexandria or Abingdon.  


Committed to change.

“Keep the Big Boys honest!” Henry Howell

Change is easy to talk about— politicians have been promising change for an awful long time. But seems like the more things “change”, the more they stay the same. “It’s just the Virginia Way,” they’ll say, and shrug.

That ends now. It starts with building a movement to empower the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia, built on a foundation of personal liberty for every Virginian. Of a government that is responsive and accountable to them, first and foremost. And from leaders who do what’s right, instead of what’s easy.

Our people deserve a New Virginia way. And we’re going to give it to them.