A New Virginia Way- Renewing our Contract with the people of the Commonwealth


Virginians know a rigged game when they see one, and our political system has been rigged against ordinary citizens.

For too long, the influx of dark money in politics has been threatening our democracy and stacking the deck in favor of special interests and against everyday folks. And then politicians vote to protect those interests. They have a love interest with unfunded mandates, going back to their constituents to brag about what they’ve accomplished, while passing the buck to school boards, mayors, city councilors, and county board of supervisors across the Commonwealth.

These problems are the root of all the dysfunction and partisanship we've got in our political system today.

We have to- and we WILL be- the generation that fixes this once and for all.

To that end, we have to enact sweeping reforms to how we do business here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

That means returning power to the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia by reforming the Dillon rule, empowering and entrusting our counties and cities to be the “laboratories of democracy” once again.

It means enabling a Commonwealth where voters choose their representatives, instead of representatives choosing their voters.

It means busting open the polls to ensure every single Virginian has their voice heard once all the votes are tallied from Election Day.

It means ensuring our government stays responsive and accountable to the people they aim to represent.

It means being proactive instead of reactive to the biggest issues facing our Commonwealth today.

It means building a Commonwealth that works for every Virginian, instead of demanding one-size-fits-all Virginians.

And it means enabling a Virginia that, when given the opportunity to lead, follow, or get out of the way, will always— ALWAYS— step up to lead, and set an example for the rest of the nation to follow.


Form the mountains to the sea, Virginia has a beauty that’s unmatched anywhere- but it’s her people that truly makes Virginia so special.